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   DST Digital Audio Player
Make a persons reward very special with this stylish new unit.

The DST Digital Audio Player is not a switch adapted MP3 player. It is a specially designed state of the art unit, which allows users control over their favourite sounds and music wirelessly using any of the numerous available DST Cause products (available separately, see links on the left). Activate any DST Cause and hear different sounds and / or music each time.

This superb tool offers maximum flexibility thanks to 10 switching modes. Users can now interact with their favourite music / sounds / phrases. Simply drag the digital sound file(s) onto the SD card (included) using any PC to enjoy excellent stereo sound quality.

Great for teaching through interaction and creating themes. Why not teach numeracy the fun intuitive way by placing pre-recorded numbers onto the SD card so every time the DST Magic Cube (available separately) is turned over, the number on the cube is called out. What about names of colours, phrases or even whole stories - ideal for speech therapy. Relaxing music for those sleepy sessions or vibrant tunes for motivation - the list of possibilities goes on and on!

Unit features very high quality stereo output and automatically plays numerous digital formats and sample rates including MP3, WAV and the new super high quality Ogg Vorbis.

Requires separate amplification (an AUX input on your existing HiFi system will do fine) - comes complete with Stereo Phono (RCA) lead for that purpose.

Unit operates from 110 - 240VAC transformed down to safe low voltage.