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Our BREAKTHROUGH Technology Will Get YOU Results

DST (Digital Sensory Technology) products are our flagship range developed over 15 years ago to create very powerful yet remarkably simple to use teaching tools to enable you to positively progress your users skills and abilities.

Since then DST has grown from strength to strength as we have incorporated many new features into the products in response to 'hands on' experience and feedback from our many customers.

Based on the extremely effective principle of teaching through 'cause and effect', our DST Cause products (switches), will allow your user(s) to interact with any number of DST Effects, shown below, using a variety of means including switching, fine and gross movement and sound.

Here's Why Are Our PROVEN DST Products Are So Good For You And Your Users

Praised by OFSTED on many occasions, all of our DST products are totally wireless, so allow you to introduce interaction, regardless of your users position, age or ability and all of your new DST Cause products will interact with any of your DST Effect products. This means you have complete control of the activity being carried out as well as maximum versatility for your users.

For example, you can encourage your users to interact with their favourite effect with a set of DST MegaButtons one day and the next time they use your sensory area, you may choose to encourage them to vocalise by using your DST Sound Activator with their favourite effect instead - Your new DST System gives you the power to choose and is totally flexible for both you and your users.

For more information about our pioneering technology, please see our DST Explained and our Sensory Theatre information pages.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS - Sensory equipment can be a substantial investment, so insist on the original and the best. The DST concept was first invented by us in 1997 and has since been imitated by a few companies, who are naturally frustrated by its huge success.

Our competitors products may look the same and may be wireless,however, if they are not manufactured by The Sensory Company, they are not DST. Our DST System has been praised by OFSTED on many occasions, has a proven track record and we continually invest in the research and development of sensory products, for the benefit of you and your users.

Watch DST in action here

Contact Us today and arrange a visit with one of our specialist advisors, who will work with you to design your new sensory system/environment, specifically for you and your end users.

HERE Are Some AMAZING Product Ideas Developed With YOU In Mind

Image Of DST Analogue Switch
Price £165.00 Net
Image Of DST LED Scanner
Price £1295.00 Net
Image Of DST Aroma Panel
Price £495.00 Net
Image Of DST Responder
Price £185.00 Net
Image Of DST Colour Changer
Price £395.00 Net
Image Of DST Sound Panel
Price £695.00 Net
Image Of DST Colourwash LED Garden Flood Kits
Price from £695.00 Net
Image Of DST Sound Panel Cartridges - Various Themes
Price from £95.00 Net
Image Of DST Fibre Optic Light Source
Image Of DST Twirler
Price from £495.00 Net
Image Of DST Fog Machine
Price £485.00 Net
Image Of DST Wind Machine
Price £1199.00 Net
Image Of DST Interactive Ball Pool Package
Image Of EasyClean™ LED DST Bubble Tube
Price from £950.00 Net
Image Of DST LED Fibre Optic Lightsource
Price £395.00 Net